Thank goodness my classroom hasn’t looked this boring since the week before school started!

Procrastination has set in and rather than dedicating time to complete grad school homework or grade papers/upload grades days before the second quarter ends, I’ve decided to spend my Tuesday evening snuggled with my laptop, Fox Tuesday television, and a blog dedicated to sharing ideas, vignettes of the good, bad, and fuggly (as the kids say), and other ramblings of a change agent in a public school system. Before you stop reading because you thought it was poor taste to link the slang definition with atrocious sentences with the term in context, I’d like to point out that not only am I a teacher, but I am a human interested in entertaining an audience and myself as I reflect on the day to day adventures of an urban middle school teacher.

Now I can imagine additional cringing due to my emphasis on urban. By no means do I include that descriptor to have readers visualize a gang infested school like Michelle Pfeiffer’s in Dangerous Minds or to create a mental image of a superhuman teacher moving children 5 reading levels behind to their grade level with one year of good instruction after years of neglect. My only intention is set up the scene for the rainbows, butterflies, sometimes the lack there of, when teaching in one of the largest public school systems in the country. In educator format, I have listed objectives of my blog. 😉


  • Blogger will create a web based scrapbook chronicling successes and struggles associated with the teaching profession.
  • Blogger will reflect on current instructional practices, classroom management, and other classroom interactions to increase academic achievement.
  • Blogger will share strategies and ideas that work in efforts to foster a professional learning community for teachers and followers.
  • Blogger will write for enjoyment because it is AWESOME to be expressive. (Thank you Ms. Culkin for teaching me to write for fun.)

Some school days are not as exciting as others, but everyday in the classroom is a new adventure. Join me as share my journey as an urban school teacher. -Ms.G


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