Although still frustrated, I thought I’d share a resource to help students organize new information or process an overload of content. My brain organizes information into a never ending graphic organizer, hence the appearance of my anchor charts and grad school notes.

As a teacher, I love having students create mind maps. I’m fully aware that mind mapping is not a new strategy, but it is a cool, simple, sometimes a non-linguistic way in which students can make connections between concepts, content areas, etc. to help with processing. Rather than making a mind map by hand, MindMeister is user friendly mind mapping iPad app that can be integrated into instruction as a pre-assessment or post assessment to demonstrate an understanding of content. MindMeister has an option to download pictures to add to the mind map, but I have yet to master that feature. My middle schoolers with limited fine motor skills have mastered the art of keyboarding, so this is a perfect way to get all students involved in class. Mind maps can be easily exported to PDFs, PPT, DOC, and more.


Thank you http://www.mindmeister.com/ for helping me organize my own thoughts as well as providing my students with a cool tool to use in science class. I’ll post some mind maps later this week.

-Ms. G


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