Want to stray away from the traditional review session lecturette? Looking for a fun, quick, and easy way to create a review game for students? Visit JeopardyLabs for just that.



I’m kind of obsessed with this web tool. Not only is it simple to navigate with main page options of “start building” or “browse,” but it also cuts down on the time it takes to create the normal PPT or Smart Notebook jeopardy game. I already sit in front of my computer far too long after school uploading grades, planning, and researching cool web resources  to spice up instruction. Maybe I’m just dramatic about how long it takes to make a PPT Jeopardy, but JeopardyLabs allows me to spend my time after school more efficiently instead of hours on end creating that 100 slide PPT. There is no need worry about creating an account or paying any fees to use the website. Simply create a password for your game template, fill in the blanks on you game board, save your great study tool to use with your students, and share the tool with your grade level or content area team.


Not only can you download your template to your computer, but you can share the URL of your template to a variety of places including email, blogs, etc. Did you forget to add a question about mitosis or to add a daily double? Use the password you created and the URL to your template to edit.


When you download or visit the URL to play in class, you have the option of selecting up to 12 teams to compete. I have 8 lab tables so this a great feature to accommodate all class sizes. Another cool feature is that the template keeps score for you so there is no need for a score keeper to worry about miscalculations or for a student to try to get our of participating. (We know all their tricks.)


This site is life changing. I’ve attached a link reviewing 6th grade weather and atmosphere vocabulary that I created and used this week. https://jeopardylabs.com/play/weather-and-atmosphere-review


Ms. G


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