This by far has been one of the longest school years of the three. It is June 16th and my children and I still have six full days of school to melt together in our sweltering 3rd floor classroom. Although the last day of school is quickly approaching, my mind is already beginning to plan and organize for next school year. When comparing and contrasting my classroom organization from the first month of school until now, it is clear I am in desperate need of improvements. The organized chaos in my cabinets, on my shelves, and in my filing cabinets is just outrageous and overwhelms me when thinking about packing up my classroom. I am proud that my mini-me has maintained the organization of my classroom library, but aside from that I need a new system in place.

Part of my classroom library

Part of my classroom library

The Before: Classroom library, science informational texts, center bins....

The Before: Classroom library, science informational texts, center bins….

My summer to do list includes:

1. Labeling new editions with lexile score in my classroom library.

2. Buying binders to organize behavior logs, anecdotal notes, student interventions. (My data binder, library checkout, unit plans, and lesson plan binders are nicely kept together.)

3. Find away to make student friendly materials station with out cluttering our learning space.

4. Organize printed professional reads from staff meetings into files/file folders.

5. Update graphic organizer binder centering it around science and reading non-fiction texts.

I’m turning to the Container Store for some inspiration this summer. No more hoarding papers, losing materials, and hiding clutter in my cabinets. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Organized Teacher program to receive educator discounts via mail/email to help keep you classroom organized.


I’m contemplating on whether to post a picture of clutterville…

-Ms. G


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