It has been a hot minute since I’ve blogged. In addition to teaching summer school, reading, road tripping east, and meeting my celebrity chef crush Marcus Samuelsson, I spent the last week of break prepping for an exciting fourth school year teaching science. I’m a literacy teacher at heart so I was enthused when my principal informed colleagues and I that all teachers would be teaching literacy this year via the Daily 5. Essentially, the Daily 5 fosters the development of independent readers and writers through specific routines and choice of activities. 5 components are taught, repeatedly modeled, and practice over the course of 5 weeks and implement throughout the school year.

Daily 5 Components:

1. Read to Self

2. Read to Someone

3. Work on Writing

4. Listen to Reading

5. Word Work


Easy to read and implement. The sisters provide great lesson planning time frame for each component and anchor charts.

Two weeks in the game, I am pleasantly surprised with how well the implementation of the Daily 5 is going in my MIDDLE SCHOOL classroom. Initially, I thought that the program would be too elementary for 12 and 13 year olds, but my kids are enjoying the opportunity to build stamina while reading non-fiction. In my last 3 years teaching, I’ve never seen students this excited to WHISPER to a thinking partner while independently reading. I’ve never had a classroom as quiet and engaged in their reading either. As of today, my kids are ‘reading to self’ for an entire 15 minutes and ‘reading to someone’ for 6 minutes. Everyday they want to add more minutes to build stamina like marathon runners.

Are there rainbows and butterflies during the second week of school? H-E- double hockey sticks YES! Let’s hope the momentum continues as we add other components while teaching content and labs.

Look out for my version of the sisters’ anchor charts this weekend and my version of book baskets. Help my classroom add high interest science non-fiction to our library by donating to our classroom!!



We need more books! Your donation is greatly appreciated.


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