Can you tell the school year is in full swing? It has been a while since my last post and my lack of blogging hurts my heart. I teach my kiddos to care about their writing and the people who read their writing. I’m back and am working on a blogging schedule to share my teaching and learning. Somewhere between yearbook, science bowl, grading, and planning I will post in order to keep my sanity.

What’s new? I’m obsessed with my new professional read, Strategies That Work. I scanned through the first edition years ago, but I fully integrated the second edition into my practices this fall in my science class and reading class. The text is organized by comprehension strategy and provides instructional activities to practice each strategy. What a useful, simple read!


As I have taught the strategies, I have created vibrant anchor charts along the way. I don’t have very much wall space since I’m primarily a content teacher, but I have made half poster boards of the reading strategies to hang permanently on my shades. It’s important for students to use the strategies with content reading and recognize how integrated learning is.

Generating Questions

Generating Questions

photo 1

Activate Background Knowledge and Make Connections- Opps I forgot to photograph the updated one with a brain and light bulb squeezed in. You get the gist…







Have you pinned any of my other anchor charts?

Happy teaching,

Ms. G


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