Winter break is right around the corner- we made it! Candy canes, hottie totties, sugar plums, pajamas, shopping, and all your other magical fantasies will come true this Friday.  Please use your break to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. Return to your classroom in January ready to one up your last year teacher self. Healthy competition with ourselves keeps us motivated and helps us strengthen our craft.

“Urban teacher, I bet you I can design an awesome inquiry unit to study environmental injustice in our community…”

“Urban teacher, you thought implementing Socratic, Educreations, and Popplet Lite was cool? Try flipping your classroom using Ask 3.”

“Urban teacher, you have every student that walks into your classroom dreaming about the University of Illinois. What about exposing your students to all the other wonderful institutions our country offers?”

“Urban teacher, your STEM Friday evening family field trip was the bomb dot com. Bet you can’t plan another trip just as great with 10 more families attending.”

Whoa! I have chills envisioning how much more awesome my instruction could be. Urban teachers, you are awesome! Yes, you! Despite the twenty non-negotiables, endless checklists, lack of materials, students reading two-three-four grades behind grade level, district politics, school politics, and all that jazz, your work is appreciated and desperately needed. Enjoy your break because you deserve it.

Last, but not least… I’ll leave you with another anchor chart inspired by my school’s professional read, Strategies That Work. We have been synthesizing across content areas when reading non-fiction. Check out my reference anchor chart and the anchor chart I modeled with my students.



Happy Holidays,

Ms. G



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