[App Reviewing] Socrative

Last spring I was introduced to Socrative, student response system, and  I cannot stress how life changing this app has been for me. In the past, I found it extremely difficult to organize bell ringers and exit tickets for 100 students. I implemented note card and post it note systems, had students record their bell ringers in notebooks, and found that the paper, grading, my personal organization, and my data analysis was inefficient and ineffective. After one full year of implementation with fidelity, I can honestly say Socrative is AMAZING and should be used in your classroom if you have access to computers or iPads.

socrative homepage

Visit http://www.socrative.com to create your classroom and watch the introductory video.

What does Socrative do? Socrative collects real time formative assessment data via Socrative student iPad application or website. Teachers create classrooms and assessments unique to their instruction. Students log into the classroom to complete their assessment while receiving real time data of their progress.

Quiz creating section

This is the screen where teachers can create their assessments.

What kind of assessments can be created?

  • Multiple Choice
  • True False
  • Short Answer
  • Pre-designed Exit Tickets
  • Space Race Review Games

**Pictures, diagrams, flow charts, etc. can be insert if they are in a .jpg file.



Check out all the options for assessments.

How is data organized? Student responses are organized in a google spreadsheet or an excel document. The document includes the date, time, and name of the assignment as well as student names, responses for each question, and an overall score. Scoring is solely for multiple choice questions or short answers with specific word for word answers.

Socrative data

This data really allows you to see who mastered the skill and standard and who needs reteaching. Green indicates that students answered the question correctly, red represents incorrect answers.

What devices can the app be used on?

  • iPads
  • iPod touches
  • iPhones
  • Computers

How do I integrate Socrative into my instruction? Socrative is used in my instruction daily via bell ringers and exit tickets. In previous posts, I mentioned that my students participate in the Daily 5 in the science classroom. Students enter the classroom and immediately begin reading science informational texts to self or to someone for the first 6 minutes of class. Following the Daily 5, students will log into the Socrative homeroom and begin responding to the bell ringer. Typically, students will respond to what they read in their Daily 5 book and will be given review questions or prompts to activate prior knowledge before the mini-lesson.

  1. Enter name (Last name, First name)
  2. What is the title of your Daily 5 book?
  3. What did you learn from today’s reading? Explain your ideas.
  4. Generate 1-2 questions about you read using Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  5. Content Review Question
  6. Content Review Question

Due to the real time data, I can get an idea of who has mastered the skill or standard and who needs reteaching before students switch class. Using Socrative supports differentiated instruction because flexible groups during guided instruction can be selected based on the data collected from a bell ringer or a quiz. After reteaching, I can log into Socrative and assign the same bell ringer students did not master the previous day. Socrative keeps a bank of all of your assignments and has all of your data stored on their teacher account. This data can be used in parent teacher conferences, can be converted into charts and graphs for progress monitoring, and printed for portfolios.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 3.36.26 PM

I can edit my previous bell ringers or have students retake the bell ringers after I retaught content.


1. Explicitly model how to use the application.

2. Explain that real time data appears in a spread sheet.

3. Prepare consequences for students who abuse the app. (There is always one wise guy in every period.)

Funny, not!

Funny, not!

4. Post your classroom number in your classroom where it is visible by all students.

5. Hold students accountable for completing bell ringers and exit tickets.

6. Tell your teacher friends about this app as well. Sharing is caring.

7. Save trees by using Socrative.

Have fun trying out this app!

Ms. G





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