[App Reviewing] Popplet Lite

My iPad toolbox is filled with free creation apps. FREE, engaging, and user friendly apps are this urban teacher’s BFFs. Popplet Lite is another go to app that my students and I use during instruction. My kids and I are obsessed with it so much that I’ve integrated it into instruction weekly.

What does Popplet Lite do?

Popplet allows students to create visual representations to demonstrate their thinking. Students can create mind maps, graphic organizers, webs, and other presentations to organize their thoughts and make meaning of new content.

What devices can the app be used on?

  • iPad
  • Computer via the web

How do I integrate Popplet Lite into my instruction?

I love having my students create mind maps of vocabulary and key concepts. Typically I use a mind map as a performance task at the end of a unit and the midway point. Mind maps are a non-linguistic way to process content and demonstrate understanding of what we are studying in class. In addition, we use Popplet Lite for concept analysis via the Frayer Model. Frayer models highlight student understanding of concepts/ vocabulary by using a four square graphic organizer that includes the  meaning, characteristics, examples, and non-examples of the term. Currently my students are writing argumentative essays so we have also used the app to brainstorm before writing our rough drafts. I will be dedicating a full post to science argumentative writing later this month.


Frayer model


My students are writing argumentative essays and this is a sample of their brainstorm. The top box includes their question, the next box is their claim. After the claim is their reasons to support the claim and textual evidence. We read two non-fiction texts which include “Python Invasion” and “Exotic Pets Gone Wild.”


This Popplet includes my students counter claim, limits of the counter claim, and conclusion.


Mind map sample


Mind Map Rubric made with Rubistar


1. Create rubrics for the products your students are creating.

2. Model how to use the technology whole group. Although it is completely user friendly, some students need the extra assistance.

3. Teach students how to email .pdf files of their creations.

4. Print creations to display on the bulletin board. They look awesome and your colleagues will be impressed by the awesomeness.

5. Have students save a .jpg to the iPad camera role just in case the next class period uses the app. The free version only allows one creation at a time.

6. Encourage students to be creative with layouts. I’m amazed with how talented my students are!

Graphic designer in the making...enough said.

Graphic designer in the making…enough said.

Moral of this post is: Popplet lite is thebomb.com.

Happy Mind Mapping!

Ms. G


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