[STEM Professionally Developed]

I’m ecstatic that summer vacation is right around the corner, but even more excited to spend the summer getting professionally developed in STEM and leadership with a cohort of twenty-five talented teacher nerds from across my district. I’m obsessed with our ice breaker activity from today’s orientation, especially because my brain instantly thought of ways to integrate the ice breaker across content areas.

Ice Breaker Hash Tags: In a nut shell, participants created hash tags and wrote the hash tags on post its based on four topics:

1. Grade level you teach

2. Content you teach

3. Favorite piece of technology

4. What you are excited about for summer vacation besides participating in the program

My Hash Tags

My Hash Tags

After post its with hash tags were written, teachers relocated to an open space for movement. The facilitator asked participants to find someone who taught a similar topic. As teachers clustered with people in the same content area, we were then directed to discuss any of the hash tags and create new hash tags for the people we talked to. Super fun and kinesthetic, right?

Let’s use this for content instruction: Reading a novel? Each student can take on the role of a character. Create hash tags based on character traits at different points in the plot. Katniss:#heroic #fearless #brave #stubborn #savvy

Reviewing organelles of a cell? Create hash tags based on structure and function of organelles. Nucleus: #controlcenter #center #chromosomes #DNA #Genetics #eukaryoticcell #gene

Have an interactive Math Talk. Hash tag ways to solve for a particular number. 25: #twentyplusfive #fivetimesfive #fivesquared

You get the gist…

Don’t work too hard. We only have a week until summer vacation!

Ms. G


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