[Collaborative] Sunday Smorgasbord

I’m new to the whole ‘linking up’ blogging concept so today I thought would be the perfect day to get started. I’m linking up with Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord.

sunday smorgasbordIt has been quite a busy four day weekend consisting of a whole lot of BBQing with friends. Thursday I prepped an awesome summer sangria for Friday’s 4th of July cookout and it was a hit! My sangria included:

  • Shiraz
  • Southern Comfort
  • Triple Sec
  • Sliced oranges, strawberries, pineapples, and lime
  • Pineapple juice


Saturday the BBQing continued at the Windy City Rib Fest with my bestie/fellow teacher friend, dinoman, and dinoman’s co-worker who is in town for five weeks from Latvia! BBQ is one of my favorite cuisines so naturally I had to over indulge in ribs, pulled pork, and brisket while listening to fantastic live music by Jamie Lono and Cowboy Mouth!

Rib Fest! I spent Sunday morning running errands which included a trip to Target, Starbucks, Office Depot, and grooming my eyebrows. I’m obsessed with eyebrow threading and encourage you to try it! I no longer have Frida brows! http://www.birchbox.com/magazine/video/omg-with-rjs-tips-and-tricks-for-eyebrow-threading

I love my Frida earrings.

I love my Frida earrings.

Lastly, I’ve been prepping for 2 weeks of getting professionally developed with my MSU STEM cohort. I’ve been reading and watching some video clips to prepare for Wednesday’s session.

Yes, a fresh pack of Pilot Roller Gel pens!

Yes, a fresh pack of Pilot Roller Gel pens!

One of our required video clips is a Ted Talk by GZA of Wu-Tang Clan about a program he co-founded called SCIENCE GENIUS, in which he empowers students to use hip hop as a means of learning science. I’m amazed by the application of concepts, critical thinking, and poetry that the student geniuses imbedded into their performance pieces. Have you integrated rap/spoken word into your instruction? During my first year teaching, I had a group of students rewrite the song “Pretty Boy Swag” to a science song about plate tectonics. When I find the clip, I’ll share the tune!

Happy Sunday,

Ms. G



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