[Linky Partying]

Can you believe November is already here? This month I decided to link up with Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade for November’s Currently linky party.



Listening: I’ve been up since the crack of dawn. In between lesson planning, laundry, and Sunday laziness I have been watching Neighbors! Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne are hilarious!

Loving: I am amazed by all of the talented do it yourself costumes that are being posted on social networking sites. My party pooper friends had a costumeless shindig this weekend, however I am totally dressing up next year! Here is a picture of what I wore to class on Friday. Cute and inexpensive to make! Too bad some of my middle schoolers didn’t pick up on the fact that I was a Care Bear. “Are you a rainbow kangaroo?”-7th grader

Cheer bear! 12 sweatshirt and twenty cents for each color felt!

Cheer bear! 12 sweatshirt and twenty cents for each color felt!

Thinking: Who doesn’t love “fall back” in November? (raises hand) I’ve been up bright and early since 6:45. It is only noon and I already need a nap!

Wanting: I’m not sure about what your fall wardrobe consists of, but mine includes gloves, cheese ball hats, furry winter coats, and scarves already. Too soon, Mother Nature. Too soon. We had a week of sweatshirt weather and I want it back.

Needing: My least favorite part of the changing seasons includes changing the clothes in my closet and storing them for next season. I can’t wear all of the sleeveless blouses and short sleeve cardigans in this 35 degree weather…I need to pull out winter clothes, but I’m not motivated for this day long ordeal. You know what I’m talking about.

Reading: Started reading Eleanor and Park last week and will be wrapping it up next week. I’m reading Mockingjay to prepare for the film release and I’ve started a couple others. I have about 6 books I’m currently reading at once. Terrible, I know, but hopefully I will finish them all before the new year…

I am prepping for a fun filled, intense week of argumentative writing. Here is an updated anchor chart of my argumentative writing chart from last school year. I’ll do another post in upcoming weeks.

Argumentative Writing anchor chart

Argumentative Writing anchor chart

Happy Sunday,



2 thoughts on “[Linky Partying]

  1. I always change out my clothes, as well, and it is SUCH A process! I haven’t really done it yet either! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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