Greetings, teacher friends! Hope you are keeping warm if you are living in an east-coast or Midwestern state. This weather has just been outrageous. I figured the first of the month would be the perfect time link up with Oh’ Boy 4th Grade and share my March “currently” post.

Slide2Listening: I am multitasking right now-laminating new rubrics and menus, checking emails, entering grades online, and listening to episode 1 of season 3 of House of Cards. I totally tried watching it last night, but after bowling with the dinoman I was too exhausted to make it through the entire episode.

Loving: I created a new menu for digital book reports and I am totally in love with all of the innovative products my students have created! I’m am impressed by the quality of the work samples and the high student engagement. I even got awesome feedback from a student who emailed me her book report tonight. Her response is so mature! It is amazing how empowering “choice” of book report is for middle school students. Check out some of the awesome work samples below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.52.05 PM

Student email...Made my heart smile

Student email…Made my heart smile

Character text conversation for Money Hungry by Sharon Flake

Character text conversation for Money Hungry by Sharon Flake

Picture Collage of Money Hungry by Sharon Flake

Picture Collage of Money Hungry by Sharon Flake

Book Cover for A Blue So Dark

Book Cover for A Blue So Dark

Thinking: Lots of decision making in the upcoming months- House hunting is tough!

Wanting: I just wish I could wear a thinner winter coat… I’m looking forward to the day I can run my car through a car wash without it crusting with salt the next day! Is that too much to ask for?

Needing: Parent meeting is coming up to plan the 8th grade luncheon. I’m planning a wedding, buying a house, and working on my MSU fellowship. I need to squeeze in some luncheon planning time as well! Cross your fingers all goes well in the upcoming months.

Spring Break Plans: Mid-April. Too soon to think about. Jealous of those who have spring break in the upcoming weeks. Ugh.

Wishing you a fantastic week of teaching and learning,



2 thoughts on “[Digital]

  1. Wedding planning and house hunting can be stressful enough without adding a full-time teaching job into the mix! I will be praying for you in the upcoming months; I’m sure stress is an understatement at times!

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