Can you believe it is October already? It has been a hot minute since I have blogged and I’m kind of bummed about that. Summer was jam packed with last minute wedding planning, classroom prep, honeymooning, and naturally September was filled with school supply shopping, lesson planning, revamping my teacher wardrobe, and all that jazz. For my first blog post back in the game, I’ve decided to highlight all of the exciting moments since my last blog post in the spring.

Created using Piktochart

Created using Piktochart


Teachable moment: This inforgraphic was made using the website Piktochart, a web based tool used to make vibrant, engaging visual presentations in the form of infographics. I was introduced to the tool while completing a project during my STEM fellowship and have been hooked ever since. My students have used the tool to create book reports, projects for math class, and I’ve used it for data presentations and even my wedding website. Piktochart has great premade templates, but it is also user friendly enough to design a template perfect for your personal inforgraphic needs. Below are some links of my other inforgraphics that can be used for inspiration when creating your own!




Happy October,



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