Happy Summer, Teacher Friends.

Every summer I always say that I’m going to blog more, but that never seems to happen. I start the school year off strong with a couple posts here and there, but this bad boy always gets neglected as the school year progresses.Thank goodness it is summer! Not only can I sip spirits and read for enjoyment in the fresh air, but I can have the much needed time to view your blogs, borrow ideas, and scan through Instagram accounts for motivation and inspiration from all you talented teachers. Yes, I’m talking about you and you and you too!

Year 2 of teaching ELA has been interesting. I need to tweak some things so I appreciate any suggestions and support on enhancing the flow of my middle school ELA classroom.






There are tons of other things I could work on as well…8th grade read alouds, independent reading (who would have thought the all my new 6th graders would have an obsession with sci-fi), rationing printer paper and copy code copies for three grade levels due to budget cuts… I’m a work in progress and appreciate you joining me on this journey.

Happy Summer!



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