Long time no write…

Wow! Can you believe it is already December? I’ve been MIA this school year, but for an awesome reason. I’m back in school working on a degree in educational technology so I’ve been blogging for coursework on a new platform. I currently brainstorming how to merge my new blog with my current blog to continue exploring, creating, and sharing with all of you. I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but if you are interested in staying connected with my teaching and learning, follow me on Twitter: @chrissy_chavez OR  Instagram: @teacherchavez

I spent the last semester learning about the MakerED movement, an awesome initiative that fosters creativity, discovery, and exploration of STEAM through the art of ‘making.’ Below is an infographic below of how and why educators should integrate maker ed in their classrooms that I created for my coursework. You can view the infographic here for a clearer image: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/18515362-how-why-transform-your-classroom-into-a-makerspace


Happy Making,



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