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Why Diary of a(n) [insert here] Teacher?

Welcome! I am Chrissy, a  seventh year teacher (as of Summer 2016) developing my craft as an educator by creating a space to reflect, share ideas, and explore ways to transform teaching and learning. I just finished my fifth sixth year as a middle school ELA teacher. Who would have thought? Most of my career has been in middle school science, but I’ve transitioned to middle school literacy. I’m still learning and growing, but hopefully I can share some think new as I continue to work out the kinks with my instructional practices. Join me on my adventure teaching and learning in the big city!

My URL maybe a little misleading. Although I am an urban teacher, each day brings a roller coaster of emotions and requires a teacher to take on multiple roles to help students achieve in school. My focus is not to get caught up in the politics of teaching, rather to dialogue about teaching and learning. I may go on a rant here or there so I apologize in advance.


Aren’t the clouds amazing?

An Overview of My Awesomeness

Yes, I said awesomeness. There isn’t anything wrong with loving yourself and having some confidence. You are awesome too!

Illini Footbal


I’m proud of being an alumna of an amazing public institution, University of Illinois. My students are proud of being little Fighting Illini, but do they have a choice? My room is plastered with orange and blue from my borders and bulletin boards to my classroom door.

Even my anchor charts are written in orange and blue!

Even my anchor charts are written in orange and blue!

Attending the University of Illinois connected me with a talented group of humans from around the world. I’m ecstatic to have shared awesome learning experiences with my mentee Bill from Taiwan, my Argentina study abroad cluster, my college of education peers, and friends. I didn’t expect to find my best friend, dinoman, partner in crime, and sugary stegosaurus (see my dinoblog from a couple years back) at U of I, but that happened too.

I went with my college roommate to a Locks of Love event for moral support and ended up chopping off all my luscious locks.

Meet Bill and Janet!

Dinoman and I are somewhat of foodies and we love traveling because of historic site seeing and most importantly, FOOD. We rode tripped to Tennessee for the civil rights museum and BBQ, traveled east a couple summers ago for Philly cheese steaks, Marcus Samuelsson, cannolis, and Grimaldi’s pizza. How could we not have sushi and other delicious seafood in Maui for our honeymoon?

You must try Central BBQ.

Yes, I met the man himself after lunch at Red Rooster!



I love being active…I can’t handle too many hours of unstructured, unscheduled time, which is probably why I work summer school every year. I enjoy summer music festivals, watching baseball, musicals, going to the beach (but not swimming in the ocean), blogging, and cupcakes!

Go Sox

Go Sox!


I want MORE!


Last year I was super spoiled. I saw Les Misearbles (for a second time), Chicago, Evita, and Wicked (for a second time)! Guess how is going to see Hamilton?

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to comment, share your personal learning, recommend a strategy, or a blog topic.

Happy reading,



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    • Thanks for stopping by. Your comment was just what I needed to motivate me to get back in the blogging game! I’ve been in a blogging slump, but will start sharing more about my adventures in teaching and learning. Welcome to the blogging world! -Chrissy

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